Hi, I am Jack Whatley Recruitment Strategist. After I introduce myself the first question I usually get is: 

What is A Recruitment Strategist?  

A recruitment strategist is a multi-disciplined strategist that works within people operations department of companies. They provide overall direction to the company’s recruitment objectives that involve specifying the company’s employer brand position, career messaging, and recruitment marketing campaigns. To accomplish the company’s talent Acquisition strategy  

Recruitment strategists advise the company on a range of activities such as opposition researchtechnology, social media presence to accomplish the staffing objective. Providing an appealing employer brand message to positions the company as the employer of choice. While attracting candidates that would be a good fit in your culture and will excel in the position to hire.


Why we do what we do… 

I am sure you have noticed we do things a little different over here. We are pretty passionate about what we do. The reason we are is because what we do is, not just a job to me and the team members who make up the company.  

The reason I chose to get into the field of staffing and recruitment was personal. I was not the smartest kid and made some poor choices. Those choices would not have allowed me to be hired by the company that hired me and changed my life.  

The only reason I was able to get the job was because I was hired through a recruiting and staffing agency. After working there for two years as a top producing temp employee I was hired on permanently.  

The company that hired me offered me a good wage, benefits and a bright future. I did not become a millionaire or anything like that. Who does at a job? What did happen was I was able to raise my standard of living buy a house and take care of my family and live my American Dream. And I want to offer that opportunity to the people we hire.  

The purpose of this company is to help as many truck drivers get a job at a good company. So that they can earn a good wage, have benefits and raise their standard of living. So, they can take care of their families and live their American Dream.  

The purpose of this company is to also help as many good companies find and hire good truck drivers that will excel at the job and fit into the company culture.  

When you are able to build a team of high performing truck drivers with great companies something Magic happens. It is hard to explain, your people are happier, customers are satisfied, and the company runs like a well-oiled machine. The business gets to live it’s American dream. With conditions like this, everybody’s work life is better. Which in turns make everybody’s personal life better. And is that not what we want… Happy productive people.