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Meet Forbes Newest Author & Speaker 

Hi I am Jack Whatley, I am the new author and speaker for Forbes on the subject of recruitment, recruitment marketing and recruitment strategy.In my day job I help trucking companies, private fleets and third-party logistic carriers hire and keep truck driver with out offering the highest pay or sign on bonuses but probably not the way you think… 

I want to introduce myself and also offered to you two incredibly valuable gifts to help you hire more qualified truck drivers in 2020. Watch Video For Details.

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Jack Whatley 

Human Code of Hiring 

Human Code of hiring is about how to hire Qualified truck drivers for your business without being the highest paying job or offering sign on bonuses.

enter your name and address for  Your ADVANCED Copy of HUMAN CODE OF HIRING

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Employer Brand 

The goal is to position you company as the employer of choice in your area. I want to teach you to take your mission statements and company values, what you know and what you’ve experienced in business, and package it in a way that build your authentic employer brand and career massage, so you are attractive to your idea candidate.

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Career Massage 

The Goal of your career messaging is to reinforce your employer brand and to attract the idea candidate to you company. We do this with a recruitment marketing campaign. Positioning your employer brand, with credibility and using  your career message to attract people who will excel in your company. 

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The new roll technology will play in amplifying your recruitment marketing. We will cover how AI and automation will be used to get your employer brand and career message out there in an even bigger way. And how that will affect the HR People opts department moving forward. 

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The Blueprint

The last area is the human code blueprint where it all comes together. Here is where it all comes together your career messaging , technology and the recruiting experience. The human code recruiting blueprint lays out the strategy we use to win the war of recruiting truck drivers in the full employment economy.

The Outcomes we are looking for, are more qualified drivers in the pipeline and to get maximum value for every one of our candidates.

We want improved candidates experiences, increased business efficiencies that fuel business growth. 

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